Dr. Ahmed Rabie

General Dentist

Dr. Ahmed Rabie has been practicing dentistry around the world since 1994. He received his Bachelor Degree of Dental Surgery from Cairo University in Egypt in 1994. Dr. Rabie moved to Southern California in 2000 where he resided as an Associate Lead Dentist and later on a practice owner until 2010. Dr. Rabie then practiced dentistry between Dubai and the United States until he moved to Northern California in 2012 to become the co-owner of Santa Cruz Smiles in 2016. With this new partnership, Dr. Rabie has become an integral part of our practice. With his extensive experience in all areas of cosmetic and general dentistry, Dr. Rabie is able to provide you with best dental treatment options available to meet your specific needs.

Dr. Hesham Amer


Dr. Hesham Amer, a well-known orthodontist in Santa Cruz, California, has been practicing orthodontics for over 20 years and has been teaching the post-doctorate program at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco for 14 years.  You will find him to be friendly and always available to address your concerns.  His large number of Invisalign treatments, as well as his expertise in the appliance, has made him the top premier provider for Invisalign worldwide. Additionally, he is writing a textbook on Invisalign.  He has been lecturing nationally and internationally in the field of orthodontics and on interdisciplinary approaches for the best patient treatment outcome. Dr. Hesham Amer is the founder & currently the president of the Dentistry World Study Club (DWSC) formed in 1999. He has been selected by the consumers’ research council of America as one of American Top Dentists for 4 consecutive years.